BindExpress Claims is a completely web-based claims administration system for all lines of business. Its intuitive, user-friendly screens boast a "no training required" web standard. With BindExpress Claims, not only can you create an unlimited number of user roles (adjuster, examiner, handler, agent, etc.) – each with unique functionality, security and workflow – but you can also set up specific rights and controls on an individual user basis – the ultimate in customization!

Integrated with BindExpress Policy to verify coverage and policy limits, as well as assist in data gathering for loss intake.


Key Strengths:

  • Detailed Transactions track every aspect of claims accounting
  • Handy Incurred Loss Calculator that supports a specified date range at the Occurrence or Feature level
  • Configurable security to control who can do what, including setting up dual approval if required.
  • Multi-level structure:
    • A policy can have multiple Occurrences with single-click navigation to access each one
    • An Occurrence can have multiple Features, each with separate reserves and payments
    • A Feature can track ten different aspects of transactions including Loss/Expense
      • Reserve/Paid for the Claim
      • Reserve/Recovered for Salvage, Subrogation, Contribution, and Reinsurance
  • Flexible payment options
    • Individual - one or more claimants with a single payee
    • Group - single Occurrence having one or more claimants with multiple
    • Bulk - Multiple Occurrences having multiple claimants paid to a single payee
      • Payment screen with automated accumulation and potential payments for quick verification and approval
  • Document generation and management