Because PROMOS is such a flexible component builder – for any calculation service like rating, underwriting, or workflow decisioning – the requirements for integrating these component services can vary widely.  
    For most applications, integration is easy and straightforward, using a simple yet powerful set of interface programs that  programmers can learn in just hours.
   However, as with most technology, our experience can not only expedite delivering the business results you want, but it can also help light the way for follow-on projects.  
    And because of our knowledge and broad experience with legacy systems, chances are SBS can also assist you with surround strategies, legacy migration or even green-field development as part of an integration project.  


We typically design integration architectures so you will always be free to select future components or products from most any on the market.
    In short, PROMOS operates on multiple platforms, and SBS has the people with the right experience to make your integration as smooth, timely, and cost-effective as possible