SpeedBuilder Systems, Inc. (SBS) focuses on software tools and services that:
  • enable insurance companies and MGA's to get products to market faster
  • grow sales using best-of-breed agent web portals
  • improve underwriting results

   We use leading edge, platform-neutral technologies that will lower the total cost of owning your IT infrastructure.
   In addition to selling and implementing our web platform for creating robust agent websites, we also market the top European insurance development tool – PROMOS – and have developed some powerful tools for doing "what-if" analysis  on your live policy data. 

   We also  provide consulting and professional services on numerous platforms, from legacy mainframe integration to Internet development. 

    What would it mean to know that the consultants working on your project are rewarded bonuses based on the evaluations you give them?

    After each project, clients complete a formal evaluation of the work done by the team of professionals assigned to their project.  These evaluations determine our employee incentive bonuses – a significant portion of their compensation.

   Our results-based business model keeps the focus where it should be – on what you, the client, consider to be important.

     If you need specific results delivered at a reasonable cost, give us a call – especially when time-to-market matters.





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   To be successful, SpeedBuilder Systems believes we must apply five key principles:
    1) Hire only the best of the best, and motivate them properly.
    2) Maintain the highest moral  standards in all relationships.
   3) Think long-term for our clients, delivering platform-neutral solutions.
   4) Stay informed about the latest technologies and advanced development tools.
   5) Continually seek to improve the processes used throughout our company.