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Insurance Policy Administration Software System

At SpeedBuilder Systems, our commitment is to develop software products that enable you and your customers to conduct business easier and faster. Whether you’re an insurance agent or the insured entity, our BindExpress Suite package is an end-to-end policy administration system that delivers exceptional ease of use, quick alterations, and superior results for personal and commercial insurance lines. From policy administration to claims processing to billing and premium accounting, this is the technology that will keep you miles ahead of the competition.

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Comprehensive IT Solutions for Insurance Companies

One of the biggest advantages of the BindExpress Suite is its ability to work together as one system or separately with legacy systems and third-party products. Platform-neutral technology allows our clients to easily incorporate the software into their current IT setup without the need for expensive upgrades or lengthy training seminars. The software includes tools for:


Why Choose BindExpress Suite for Your Business?

In short, the BindExpress Suite is an easier way for agents and insureds to do business. We’ve designed a platform that improves efficiency and results on your end while providing a better customer experience for your clients. Some of the incredible benefits include:



Thousands of configuration options reduce system setup time, implementation, and ongoing maintenance costs.


Consistently rated as one of the most easy-to-use systems on the market by underwriters, agents, and insureds. We deliver what others can only promise.

Unique Workflow Process

Supports any workflow process depending on line of business and/or business strategy.

Automated Underwriting

Automated Underwriting Engine uses your underwriting rules to pre-qualify risks during quoting process.

Completely Paperless

Eliminate paper with electronic delivery of all forms, decs, invoices, and other correspondence.

Reduces Agents Manual Entry

Integrating data from agency systems and comparative raters improves ease-of-use for agents and encourages submissions.

Many Existing Integrations

Plus our robust, open API make new integrations with third party products and new, insurtech offerings fast and easy.

Find Out How BindExpress Suite Can Improve Your Business

Want to learn more about how the BindExpress Suite can streamline your process, improve productivity, and help you save on IT costs? Contact us to gain an in-depth overview of how this software can solve your business’s unique needs. Our team is passionate about answering your questions, learning what challenges you face in your current business environment, and explaining how we can help you get past them.

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