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BindExpress Claims Is an Easy-To-Use, Web-Based Solution for End-To-End Claims Processing

In a claims environment, customer satisfaction and cost management require consistent communication and timely processing of claims, only made possible with an easy-to-use, robust claims system. BX-Claims was designed to give internal and external claims professionals immediate web access to verify coverage, review claims records, process payments, and seamlessly communicate with all necessary parties – reducing the time and cost of handling claims.

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Building Trust With Your Claims Customers When They Need You Most

Time and communication are an integral part of customer relations when it comes to handling claims. The BindExpress Claims software system offers:

  • Immediate verification of coverage.
  • Process controls and measurements.
  • Fast resolutions that reduce costs, increase customer satisfaction and improve retention.

Why Choose BindExpress Claims for Your Organization?

Our software solutions for insurance streamline the claims handling process and cut down on needless phone calls, emails, and questions. Your company can configure the software using thousands of options, customizing it to the needs of your claims organization. So what exactly makes us stand out?

Automatic coverage verification during first notice of loss
Auto generated initial reserve per coverage type
Claims notes and diary
Ability to upload documents, photos, and estimates into the claim file
Customer/agent portal access
Third-party integrations
Manage authority level and access by role or by party
Detailed reports and dashboards to help you manage the process
Auto generated statutory forms and letters
Flexible security settings to enable and disable rights and controls on a single user or role basis at any time

Speak to an Expert About Our Claims Software

If you are looking for an easier way to improve the productivity of your claims department and provide state-of-the-art claims service, contact us at SpeedBuilder Systems. You’ll find that our decades of experience in best claims practices have been successfully incorporated into the BindExpress Claims System.

Get in touch to learn more today.