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Save Time and Resources with Modeling Instead of Programming

Enables your subject matter experts to quickly build automated rating and underwriting models right on their PCs. Once models are completed and tested, they can be launched immediately without involving your IT department.

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Build Better Products at a Fraction of the Cost

Build and maintain insurance products with a configurator that empowers subject matter experts and business professionals to create models right on their PCs, without relying solely on your IT department. The system uses a “drag and drop” methodology, eliminating the need to just write requirements and specs, and instead write, test, and deploy in just minutes!

Respond More Quickly to Market Trends

As regulation and market trends change within the insurance world, your company can adapt quickly and stay competitive, with full automation. The BindExpress Product Configurator will help by:

Eliminating knowledge transfer between product management and IT department
Freeing up technical resources for more productive tasks than making rates and rule changes
Reducing errors caused by misunderstandings or miscommunications between product managers and developers
Significantly faster and lower-cost product development
Better products, as they can be developed according to marketing needs only, without concern over technical limitations
Reduced workload on IT resources

Product Development That’s Faster and Less Expensive

At SpeedBuilder Systems, we deliver software solutions that help our clients get things done faster, while reducing overall costs. Our BindExpress Product Configurator exceeds in both of these areas, allowing your business to react to competitive actions and stay ahead of market trends with easy-to-configure tools. To learn more, contact our software specialists for an overview today.