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We Understand the Pressures and Challenges of the Nonstandard Auto Insurance Business

Things like low policy retention, but with high servicing needs.  We know that you need:

  • Bind-to-the-minute
  • Lapse in Coverage
  • Flexible billing, including direct bill, agency bill, and premium finance at a minimum, supporting equity calculations to reduce cancellations.
  • Being able to accept just about any form of payment, on a 24×7 basis
  • Paid-basis issuance for Renewals and Endorsements
  • SR-22 processing (SR22 and 26)
  • Twelve, six, and even one month policy terms
  • Flexible commission plans that can handle coverage-based, flat dollar, and fully-earned calculations
  •  Bordereau Reporting
  • Track taxes, fees, surcharges, and assessments (statutory, regulatory, and carrier-based)
  • Business and fraud prevention rules that you maintain yourself as new schemes emerge…

The robust API of the BindExpress Suite enables you to integrate with all the leading real-time rating solution providers.

The photo and document upload/repository gives all stakeholders instant access to key supporting information with just a few clicks, available on all devices, and all platforms!


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