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Insurance Billing & Accounting Software

The all-in-one billing and accounting software from SpeedBuilder Systems simplifies all of your receivable payment and billing needs in one easy-to-use web-based software solution. With this centralized accounting program, you will enjoy being able to track billing, payments, and more through a system that can be configured to suit your business’s unique needs. As developers of insurance software solutions, we offer a comprehensive suite of products that touch on every aspect of the insurance business. Contact us for more details on how our solutions can help you manage your business more effectively.

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Streamline Policy Payments

Staying competitive requires enabling your customers to do business however they prefer. BindExpress Billing lets you offer any number of payment plans, and handles all payment receipt exceptions, including short payments, cancellations, overpayments, and endorsements. You can easily configure payment plan options, taxes, and fees pertinent to your rules and requirements. No matter how your clients pay — check, cash, EFT, recurring credit card payments, or bulk payments — BindExpress supports it all.

Benefits of BindExpress Billing

The benefits of this web-based solution are far and wide for both your organization as well as your customers. Highlights include:

Configurable Payment Options

Set up flexible payment plans in just minutes using table-based configurations.

Installment Adjustments

Ability to adjust installments based on short-pay, over-pay, endorsements, and more

Batched Receipts

Enhanced controls for allowing batched receipts

Commission Processing

Supports commission processing on a written, paid, or collected basis

Library of Reports

A library of canned reports is available

Reduce Clerical Work

Customizable transactions to streamline adjustments, e.g., automatic write-offs if balance due is less than "X" dollars.

Configurable Responses

Installment adjustments based on short-pay, over-pay, endorsements, electronic payments, recurring payments, etc.

Want to Learn More About Our Billing Solutions?

Every aspect of the BindExpress insurance software solution was designed to reduce manual work while ensuring that anyone can use the system with little to no training. We want your company, employees, and customers to hit the ground running. Are you interested in more detail on the capabilities of BindExpress Billing? Contact us to learn more today.

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