The BindExpress Portal web platform enables you to create robust, user-friendly websites for your agents to submit new business, interact with underwriters, and process endorsements. BindExpress Portal is integrated with all BindExpress Suite components or it can be implemented using your current rating, print, underwriting, and database engines.

Let’s face it – with the current soft market, you must have some sort of competitive advantage -- or you'll either see business go elsewhere, find yourself “buying” it, or end up with a very busy claims department.

The BindExpress Portal record speaks for itself.  Some of our clients tell us their trip to the top of the growth and profit charts could not have happened without this technology.  BindExpress Portal is a good fit for companies who feel competitive pressure to offer their agents the easiest way to do business -- without enduring the time, cost and risk of a “big-bang” replacement of their entire IT systems.

Using simple, table-driven parameters, you can design and deploy almost any workflow process -- a different one for each line of business if necessary.  For example, you may need something like the one described to the right for commercial lines, and a different, completely electronic and paperless process for personal lines or other template products.

What's more, BindExpress Portal is perfect for integrating data uploaded from agency systems and comparative raters, enabling agents to easily fill in your company-specific data using the same web screens used for manual entry. 

It can also capture data during the sales process for reporting what agents are doing once they come to your website -- helping you to truly understand your strengths and weaknesses and maximize agent productivity.

BindExpress Portal also supports automated underwriting -- accepting, rejecting or referring applications to your underwriting department.  Final decisions to accept, reject, or request more information can be done automatically, or by underwriters with just a few clicks -- improving customer service, at a fraction of the cost of conventional processing!

From call-in to cash in less than an hour:

(Below is just one of many supported workflows)

10:02am - Your agent receives a prospect call and enters the basic information needed for a quote directly into your website.

10:07am - BindExpress Portal automatically invokes the rating engine and displays the quote results.  It immediately creates a quote letter and/or proposal, which the agent emails or faxes to the prospect.

10:27am - The prospect calls the agent and ok's the quote;  the agent completes the online application and clicks “Submit.”

10:32am - The new submission immediately appears on your underwriter's BindExpress Portal Work List screen, and she clicks and opens the application. (As an alternative, you can use smart underwriting to automatically approve, reject, or refer the risk; only referred risks appear on her Work List for review.)

10:37am - After reviewing the policy, the underwriter makes some changes, adds a credit and some comments, then clicks “Approve.”  BindExpress Portal automatically sends an email to the agent, attaching the final quote, approval letter, and completed ACORD application, ready for signature.

10:41am - The agent telephones the prospect, who confirms that he wants the policy. The agent emails the documents.

10:43am - The insured prints the application, signs it, and faxes it back to the agent.

10:51am - The agent clicks “Bind,” and BindExpress Portal emails confirmation to the agent -- along with an attached copy of the insurance policy.

10:57am - To collect the down payment, the agent calls the new insured, collecting and entering either his credit card or check information while on the phone.  BindExpress Portal immediately creates and sends an electronic payment request for same-day processing.

Whether your company is concerned about competing in a marketplace that will soon demand instant Internet access to all insurance products, or you just want to make it easier for your agents to do business, give us a call at (803) 227-0225 to learn if BindExpress Portal will work for you!