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Eagle Ocean America Selects the BindExpress Suite

BindExpress Suite Now Supports Commercial Marine Business

Columbia, SC  –  February 22, 2023 – SpeedBuilder Systems, Inc. (SBS) today announced that Eagle Ocean America (EOA) has selected the BindExpress Policy Suite to support its 50-state Commercial Marine business.

“We looked at a lot of different systems, but none of the others offered both the flexibility we need to underwrite and quote our unique line of business, and the ability to manuscript our own forms and documentation. BindExpress has these two capabilities in a single platform,” said Steve Lewis, vice president of EOA.

“Commercial Marine is very different from other lines of business,” Lewis noted. “The SBS team  grasped our unique requirements and applied that knowledge to the BindExpress product very quickly. And it didn’t feel like a sales process. It was essentially a consultation, without any hard sell.”

In addition, BindExpress Suite will level the playing field for EOA, positioning the organization to successfully compete against much larger players in the Commercial Marine arena.

“We expect BindExpress to deliver the same capabilities and proficiencies our large competitors have – many with homegrown or expensive systems – but at a price we can afford,” Lewis said. “It will help us not only grow organically with our current products, but we’ll also be able to add other lines faster and more seamlessly than our competition.”

“We are excited to add Eagle Ocean America to our portfolio of clients, especially as the first adopter of the BindExpress FormMaker™ product,” said Rod Giess, president of SBS. “Like many insurance companies, EOA must create and publish ‘on the fly’ forms and legal documents in order to issue policies. With BindExpress FormMaker, business users can create their own templates using industry standard tools like MS Word, map policy-specific data into those forms, and save the templates for use with future policies.”

The BindExpress Suite enables insurance companies, brokers and MGAs to customize solutions that increase productivity and scale their businesses for almost every insurance line, jurisdiction and reporting bureau. Built using open-source technologies, the BindExpress Suite’s AlwaysCurrent Architecture™ is the only market solution that enables clients to customize the system as desired, yet accept all product updates and enhancements at any time, without retrofitting the customized code.