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Ridesharing App Integrated into BindExpress Suite

Ridesharing App Now Integrated Into BindExpress Suite From SpeedBuilder Systems

Columbia, S.C. – October 19, 2021 – SpeedBuilder Systems, Inc. (SBS) today announced it has completed integrating the ClaimRide® platform into its BindExpress Policy Suite, now live at Links Insurance Services (Links). The ClaimRide mobile app enables auto insurance carriers to offer immediate rideshare benefits to insureds through a network of Transportation Network Companies (TNC’s), such as Uber and Lyft.

Links, a nonstandard auto writer in the state of Texas, offers ridesharing to its policyholders through Continued Mobility Membership Club (CMMC) as an alternative benefit in the event of an accident or vehicle breakdown. Through BindExpress, insureds are automatically enrolled at the point of sale into CMMC (a filed motor club entity), and can access benefits on-demand through the ClaimRide mobile app.

“Consumers are installing more and more convenience apps on their smartphones,” said Rod Giess, President of SpeedBuilder Systems. “Soon mobile phones will be the default platform for filing claims, processing benefit payments, and ordering ride-sharing and other essential services – right from the scene of an accident. Adding ClaimRide to the BindExpress Suite not only provides a competitive advantage for our MGA and carrier clients, but it also gives them a new revenue stream through the CMMC program.”

“COVID has increased the adoption of technology in many sectors of life, and insurance is no exception,” said Les Schlesinger, CEO of ClaimRide. “While there are a number of remote assessment tools such as photo-based estimating that assist the carrier at the point of claim, ClaimRide is in the rare breed of solutions focused on the insured. We look forward to our alliance with SBS as we build out our partner network throughout the auto insurance industry.”

“Our partnership with ClaimRide and CMMC exemplifies our strategy to work with InsureTech partners across the spectrum,” said Giess. “Facilitated by our open architecture and a rich library of API integration code, BindExpress easily connects with third-party applications such as ClaimRide, ensuring our clients’ only limitations are their imaginations and not their processing platform.”