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COLUMBIA, SC, October 07, 2020 SpeedBuilder Systems, Inc. today announced that Value Insurance MGA (“Value”) is live with its BindExpress® Suite, running Software-as-a-Service to launch their nonstandard automobile product in the state of Alabama. The startup company, incubated out of London Underwriters of Aventura, FL, is running the full suite of BindExpress Rating, Underwriting, Policy, Billing, Claims, and Reporting.

“As a startup, Value must run “lean and mean” on an easy-to-use, intuitive system,” said Paul Gabe, CEO and President of Value Insurance. “Making it easy for the agents to bind business and process payments is essential in the high-volume, price-sensitive world of nonstandard auto. Our agents process business quickly, and rarely call in with questions, a real testament to the simple workflow and intuitive design.”

“We are proud to add Value Insurance to our family of clients,” said Rod Giess, President of SpeedBuilder Systems. “Given the requirement in the nonstandard auto business for seamless integration to comparative raters, straight-through-processing, and intuitive workflows, our success with Value validates the robustness of the BindExpress Suite. We look forward to helping them grow as business partners.”

Built on web-native, open-source technologies, the BindExpress Suite’s AlwaysCurrent Architecture™ is the only market solution that enables clients to customize the system as desired, yet accept all product updates and enhancements at any time, without retrofitting the customized code.

About London Underwriters, LLC

London Underwriters, LLC ( is a privately held, wholesale broker. Since 2010 the firm has helped independent retail agencies nationwide sell a harder-to-place business using easy-to-quote and bind raters while providing “top of the class” claims service.