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American Access Casualty Co. chose BindExpress Product

Columbia, S.C. – May 31, 2016 – SpeedBuilder Systems, Inc. (SBS) today announced that American Access Casualty Company (AACC) has gone live with the BindExpress Product Configurator and Rating modules in the states of Arizona, Indiana, and Nevada.

The solution enables business owners to make, test, and deliver rating changes with minimal involvement from IT staff. “With BindExpress, my department can react quickly and efficiently to the ever-changing non-standard auto market in which we compete,” said Matt Reznicek, Director, Pricing, and Product at AACC. “The quick turnaround ensures that product and pricing improvements can impact our bottom line much sooner and because the unified platform services all channels – from our in-house legacy system to multiple, “real-time” third-party raters – we know our pricing is accurate and consistent everywhere.” “The speed to market and flexibility are the obvious benefits; however, I sleep better knowing that exceptions, premium leakage within the rating, and errors have been virtually eliminated by managing our product rules and rating with BindExpress. There are tangible impacts on financial ratios, but we also believe the new consistency gives us a lift from the service/ease-of-use standpoint in the competitive independent agency market.”

“American Access has become a ‘poster child for the BindExpress Product Configurator,” said Rod Giess, President of SpeedBuilder Systems. “Once we had successfully partnered with their in-house IT department for the first state (Texas), their business analysts in the pricing group expanded into three additional states, with very little help from outside their department – a real testament to the delivered solution.”

AACC will add the state of Illinois to the platform in late summer 2016. When completed, the system will handle upwards of 1.5 million rating calls annually, with a gross premium volume of over $300MM.

*About American Access Casualty Company

Since 2000, American Access Casualty Company ( provides quality, non-standard private passenger auto insurance throughout the US, delivering convenient and accessible auto insurance to valued customers, particularly in the Hispanic community. AACC started operations in the Chicago market and has consistently grown in premium year over year, expanding into Indiana, Nevada, Arizona, and Texas. Now over 180 employees are strong, AACC is dedicated to continuing to grow along with our agent network through great customer service and competitive pricing.