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Ellie Ardalani, VP (Claims) at SpeedBuilder Systems

Ellie Ardalani joins SpeedBuilder Systems as VP of Claims Management

Columbia, S.C.—October 19, 2017

SpeedBuilder Systems, Inc. (“SBS”), a leading provider of software and services for the insurance industry, today announced that Ellie Ardalani has joined the firm as vice president of Claims Management. In this role, Ellie will be responsible for the product vision, development, and implementation for all claims products within the BindExpress™ Suite.

“Ellie’s extensive experience in claims operations and broad knowledge of insurance technology will be invaluable to our success in the claims space,” said Rod Giess, President of SpeedBuilder Systems.

“I am very excited to be part of a company with a proven ability to help small-to-medium-sized insurers compete with the tier-one players,” said Ardalani.“The highly configurable components of the BindExpress Suite reflect the creativity and talent of the SBS design team. I look forward to extending that success into claims.”

Before joining SBS, Ardalani worked for ten years as a subject matter expert for ISO/Verisk and other blue-chip insurtech companies. Prior to that, she held senior management positions as Chief Claims Officer of a Florida personal lines carrier, and regional claims manager at Mercury Insurance, where she managed over 500 claims employees throughout the eastern United States. She spent the first twelve years of her career in the independent agency sector.