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Laurel Smith, Director Of Marketing & Development

Laurel Smith Joins SpeedBuilder Systems As Director of Marketing and Development

Columbia, S.C.—February 17, 2020

SpeedBuilder Systems, Inc. (“SBS”), a leading provider of SaaS solutions for the insurance industry, today announced that Laurel Smith has joined the firm as Director of Marketing and Development. Ms. Smith will be responsible for conceiving and executing marketing strategy, branding, and service delivery options for the company’s BindExpress® Suite of P&C solutions.

“Laurel’s extensive experience in IT security cloud-based computing will be essential to our continued growth in the marketplace,” said Rod Giess, President of SpeedBuilder Systems. “Her skills in process engineering and creative marketing are a natural marriage to the SpeedBuilder Systems culture of innovation and growth.”

Before joining SBS, Smith was a Director, the Emerging Technologies Group at CGI, Inc. a global leader in IT consulting, where she specialized in IT Project Management, Process Improvement, and Product Marketing. She brings over twenty-five years of management experience to the SBS team.

“I am excited to join SBS and be involved in an innovative, growing enterprise,” said Smith. “I admire the customer-centric culture and emphasis on incorporating ideas from staff members at all levels. It’s truly refreshing.”